formación de una masa de gránulos

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  • granulosa — ● granulosa nom féminin Partie du follicule ovarien qui se transforme en corps jaune …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Granulosa — Cellule de la granulosa Ovocyte entouré de cellules de granulosa. La granulosa est une couche de cellules folliculaires granuleuses entourant l oeuf et la cavité liquidienne du follicule ovarien et responsable de la sécrétion de la progesterone… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Granulosa cell tumour — Granulosa cell tumo(u)rs (or granulosa theca cell tumo(u)rs) are tumors of the granulosa cell. They are part of the sex cord stromal tumour group of ovarian neoplasms.The peak age at which they occur is 50 55 years, but they may occur at any… …   Wikipedia

  • granulosa tumor — granulosa cell tumor an ovarian tumor originating in the cells of the primordial membrana granulosa; it may be associated with excessive production of estrin, inducing endometrial hyperplasia with menorrhagia. See also granulosa theca cell t. and …   Medical dictionary

  • granulosa lutein cell — n any of the relatively large pale staining lutein cells of the corpus luteum that are derived from granulosa cells, have long microvilli projecting from the cell surface, and secrete primarily progesterone compare THECA LUTEIN CELL …   Medical dictionary

  • Granulosa cells — A granulosa cell is a somatic cell found closely associated with the developing female gamete (called an oocyte or egg) in the ovary of mammals. Anatomy and functionIn the primary ovarian follicle and later in follicle development… …   Wikipedia

  • granulosa cell — noun Etymology: New Latin granulosa, from feminine of granulosus granulose Date: 1936 one of the estrogen secreting cells of the epithelial lining of a graafian follicle or its follicular precursor …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • granulosa cell carcinoma — a granulosa cell tumor that has undergone malignant transformation …   Medical dictionary

  • granulosa-lutein cells — lutein cells of the corpus luteum derived from granulosa cells …   Medical dictionary

  • granulosa-theca cell tumor — an ovarian tumor predominantly composed of either granulosa cells (follicular cells) or theca cells, and often associated with excessive production of estrogen, with hyperplasia and carcinoma of the endometrium. When luteinized, i.e., having… …   Medical dictionary

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